Cocktails & Recipes

Don’t get us wrong, our premium spirits can hold their own served neat, straight up, or on the rocks.  But, we’re all about experimenting, so you’ll often find us shaking, mixing or whipping up a seasonal cocktail or dessert using our range of spirits and other easy to find ingredients.  Here we share some of our favorites so you can try at home. 


The Local Choice Family

Our Favorites

Here are a few of our go to recipes.  Quick and easy to throw together with ingredients we usually have on deck, and easily adapted and enjoyed whatever the season or occasion.

LC Classic Margarita

Cinnamon Pineapple Monkey-rita

Bourbon Bellini


Our Cocktail of Choice to complement the season and our current mood.

This cocktail gives us all the cosy feels.  It’s sweet, comforting, and has a little bite…perfect for a chilly evening in.

“Apple Bourbon Twister”

Autumn 2017