Cognac Style Rye Whiskey

This whiskey isn’t another one-trick “rye” pony, this is rye whiskey as good as it gets! Notes of warming cinnamon, dried citrus, cocoa, and roasted nuts are soothed by caramel, molasses, and honeyed orchard fruit. Masterfully marrying the spice from the rye with the resinous from the Cognac barrel creates crisp and incredibly clean flavors with formidable depth. Powerfully spicy, with calming soft berry and citrus fruit sweetness that lingers close behind for balance.  If you just can’t get enough rye in your whiskey, then this one’s for you.

If you are local to Charleston, SC, Forever is currently available to purchase at the Striped Pig Distillery.  You can also order in advance for pickup. Forever will be available to purchase for shipping to other states soon.


Hints of Dried Citrus
Warming cinnamon
Roasted Nuts


Honeyed Orchard Fruit


Soft Berry
Subtle Citrusy Sweetness

Forever Cognac Style Rye Whiskey is artisinally distilled before resting in Kosher Cognac barrels imported from France, creating a bold new rye unlike anything else on the market.

40% ABV (80 Proof) 750 ml
Produced by Local Choice Spirits and bottled at the Striped Pig Distillery
N. Charleston, SC, USA