Charleston’s first distillery since prohibition, and award-winning SC Distillery of the Year, Striped Pig is beloved by locals & visitors alike.  Locally grown from grain to glass.



What's in your Spirit?

Crafted by teamwork, tradition & an obsession for excellence

Our award-winning local distillery is a woman-owned, family-run business that’s been serving exceptional spirits to the Charleston market and beyond since 2012.

Here at the Striped Pig Distillery, South Carolina’s first distillery since prohibition, we do things the “Southern Way” – with respect for traditional methods, using local farmers, distilling spirits slowly and carefully while using heirloom grains and fruits.  The results reward your taste buds with sophisticated, handcrafted rum, dangerously tasty gin, silky smooth vodka, and truly fantastic whiskeys.

Earn Your Stripes


A hand-crafted, locally grown corn vodka.  Full-bodied, smooth and subtle with a naturally rich sweetness that comes from the fresh local corn used in the distillation process.  More flavorful than your average plain vodka, this is an excellent choice for your martinis.  There is no mixer that does not compliment Striped Vodka’s flavor profile.

40% ABV (80 PROOF) 750ML


A very unique, yet simple and approachable gin, made with only four botanicals. Subtle hints of juniper on the front and tasting notes of fresh lavender and orange peel on the finish.  Smooth and refreshing, this tantalizing gin turns even the most stubborn gin haters into lovers, and has been deservedly awarded top honors by industry buyers at the NY International Spirits Competition.  Mixes well in any cocktail, and just as appealing served over ice.

43% ABV (86 PROOF) 750ML


With heavy notes of vanilla and butterscotch, this is not your average white rum.  Made with premium southern molasses, Striped Rum’s rich flavor is distinctive and different from anyone else on the shelf.  It can be enjoyed straight, but its flavors are especially highlighted when shaken with a simple mixer and served over ice.

43% ABV (86 PROOF) 750ML


When our fans asked for a spiced version of our popular Striped Rum, we couldn’t say no.  Inspired by our Master Distiller’s family pie recipe, Striped Spice carries our white rum’s natural tasting notes of vanilla and butterscotch, expertly blended with allspice, clove, vanilla, brown sugar and cinnamon to create a uniquely exquisite spiced rum.  It is simply delicious. Great as a chilled shooter or mixed in your favorite cocktail – you will not be disappointed.

35% ABV (70 PROOF) 750ML

Introducing Our Limited Edition

STRIPED Watermelon

Our newest product will quickly become a fan favorite. If you’re searching for the flavor of summer, look no further.  Striped Watermelon is the perfect addition to your summer cocktail lineup.  Fruity, smooth, and perfectly sweet, this refreshing vodka pairs perfectly in seltzer, fruit mixers, or a ripe and juicy watermelon and is ready to be enjoyed all summer and beyond. 

35% ABV (75 PROOF) 750ML

Striped Cocktails


  • 1.5 oz. Striped Vodka
  • 1 oz. Dry Vermouth
  • 1-2 dash Flavored Bitters

*Serve in a martini glass

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a martini glass.  We prefer ours extra dirty with bleu cheese stuffed olives.

Carolina Grapefruit

  • 1.5 oz. Striped Gin
  • 2.5 oz. Grapefruit Juice
  • slice(s) lime

*Serve in a highball glass

Mix together over ice and squeeze in as much lime juice as desired.

Charleston Hurricane

  • 2 oz. Striped Rum
  • 2 oz. Striped Spiced
  • 1 oz. Lime Juice
  • 1 oz. Orange Juice
  • 1/2 oz. Grenadine
  • 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup

*Serve in a hurricane glass

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into large glass filled with ice.

Striped Apple Cider

  • 2 oz. Striped Spiced
  • 2 oz. Fresh Apple Juice

*Serve in a highball glass

Combine all ingredients in glass and fill with ice.  Top with a little nutmeg.  Can also be enjoyed warm.

Why go Striped?

Get to know us better

Everything about Striped Pig is customized to our exact preferences, therefore delivering you the best product for your taste buds.

Our product begins in our own mill where the mash is created then filters into our machinery.

Our top-of-the-line machinery was designed from start to finish by our distillers and founders. Not only did they design every aspect of the machinery, (on a cocktail napkin at that!) but also put it together themselves. No detail was overlooked in creating our state of the art, custom-made copper plate condensers and stainless steel boilers.

With owner “Pixie” Paula Dezzutti at the helm, we’ve been working to continually improve our distillery experience for you and make sure our spirits just keep getting better with age!

Pixie Paula


owner // CEO

Paula Dezzutti

In 2011 Paula launched Local Choice Spirits, pioneering a loyalty initiative to bring exceptional products and exemplary people together to produce extraordinary results in a platform designed to shake up the beverage world.  She’s now the proud owner of the Striped Pig Distillery.  When she’s not busy making waves in the industry, Paula treasures the companionship of her nine children and grandchildren.

Inspiration &History

The Story of the Striped Pig

In 1838, the Fifteen Gallon Act was enacted in an effort to curb the excess drinking practiced by Americans, limiting liquor purveyors to only selling alcohol in quantities of 15 gallons or more, essentially making the product too expensive for the average man. 

In retaliation a quick-witted fellow devised a plan to make money while staying within the confines of the law. He no longer sold the spirits – he gave it away for free. He cleverly striped a normal pig with paint and charged admission to see this “most un-natural curiosity.” Even more strange, the cost of the ticket was equal to the amount of a tipple of rum. The Striped Pig later became a representation of less regulation and tax in political cartoons all over America. 

The original “Striped Pig” is referred to in an Old Sturbridge Village booklet, Rum and Reform, in Old New England.  In this selection from A History of the Striped Pig, 1838, we learn of the pig.  Paraphrased from an original source, we present the story…

During our Nation’s history of Temperance and Prohibition, local and state militia units often gathered on the parade grounds to practice their drills. Local citizens gathered and enjoyed watching these displays. Just as we see today, these social events also attracted vendors of various types. One such event will long be remembered as especially remarkable…

On that day there appeared a flag, raised high amongst other tents and booths that checkered the military parade ground. It was the flag of a rum seller, bearing not a hogshead to advertise his rum, but instead a hog “disguised” with paint; for it was illegal at the time to advertise and sell liquor under 15 gallons.

This curious emblem was accompanied by a false advertisement that in the tent below any person disposed to pay a few pennies could find a great natural curiosity. Within the tent stood the worthy couple already described, the ‘striped pig’ and his rum selling associate, surrounded by all those elements and implements of intoxication, and all prepared for the use and enjoyment of customers.

At first only a few individuals were tempted to enter the tent. But one or two did straggle in, and many more gathered about the tent to stare at the sign and discuss its merits and wonder at its meaning. It was not long before the earliest visitors came out of the tent, looking considerably less silly than when they went in, winking their eyes and smacking their lips.

Inquiries were made, whispers were exchanged and before long it was known all over the parade ground that the curiosity that carried visitors to see the ‘pig’, was abundantly rewarded by donations of ‘grog,’ in whatever form was most desired.

Imagine the whispers! A strange monster to be seen for only six cents, and a glass of free rum! Hundreds went and looked and drank, and went and looked and drank again, until it was said that they actually saw two striped pigs. All this was considered a great joke by those who knew the truth, for many counties were undergoing a social revival, and no more licenses for the sale of spirits were being granted.

Of course, this pig’s partner had no difficulty in obtaining a license to exhibit his striped monster on that day, and his gift of a glass of grog was regarded both as an admirable evasion of an ‘oppressive law,’ and an equally admirable expedient to bring the ‘pig’ into notice.

It is in this manner and with that we introduce you to Charleston, South Carolina’s first distillery since prohibition – The Striped Pig

Our brand represents critical thinking with a sense of humor. We strive to make our award-winning products both delicious and affordable, and realize it’s not what’s on the outside of the bottle, but the inside that counts. It’s about pushing boundaries and letting go of convention, while still honoring tradition; making fine spirits and above all else, sharing with great friends.

When it comes to delivering a consistent product that meets our high standards, we use the highest quality ingredients, so we can provide the best taste you deserve. We produce and bottle in small batches, following each step closely, allowing us to better control the process and ensure the intended flavor profiles for each of our different products – no detail is overlooked.

Once a batch of our liquors is prepared to perfection, we bottle it for your enjoyment.  From our custom designed individual stills to our carefully selected ingredients, to craft our premium product, we must be especially choosy about what we allow to be ‘Striped.’  Striped Pig Distillery is here to reward your taste buds with sophisticated, handcrafted rums, truly fantastic ‘moonshine’ and whiskeys, silky smooth vodka and dangerously tasty gin.  

For years we’ve been serving up our spirits to the local community, and we now enjoy visitors from all across the globe who come to see and enjoy the wonders of the Striped Pig.

So quench your curiosity, enter our domain, come see the Pig and discover “What’s In Your Spirit?!”


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