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You’ve heard the controversy, now try TerrePURE® bourbon

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The controversy surrounding the TerrePURE® process is sweeping the nation.

NPR recently covered the TerrePURE® process, interviewing bourbon afficianado Tom Fischer of

Here’s what Fischer had to say:

“I blindly tasted I think five or six different whiskeys….I ended up ranking [TerrePURE®] either number one or number two, and it was right around the top — I think it was right at the top. And these were some major bourbons.”

Rapidly aged. Fewer chemicals. Less burn. Better tasting. Can it possibly be true?


Find out for yourself with Local Choice TerrePURE® Spirits Bourbon. Aged to perfection, it’s bourbon done the Local Choice way. We invite you to pour our award-winning bourbon next to any of your familiar brands and see who comes out on top.

Order here and have a bottle of our award-winning bourbon shipped to your home. Then contact us at and let us know what you think.

Local Choice TerrePURE Spirits Bourbon

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